Your body speaks to you. Always.

Are you ready to tune into yourself?

Shiatsu in Berlin Mitte and Prenzlauer Berg

Allow yourself to deeply relax, refresh your energy and improve your sleep

Allow yourself to find stability in uncertain and challenging times

Allow yourself to be nurtured and honor the special bond with your baby 

Shiatsu Praxis Berlin Aleksandra Hoffmann

I believe that our bodies are the most wonderful resources, to connect with deepest parts of us. And learn to love and accept them. So that we can feel peaceful and discover our inner light.

"After each Shiatsu session I feel happy and more connected with myself. Because I took the time to listen, to care for my body and soul"


What is Shiatsu and how it benefits your health?

Are you considering Shiatsu for yourself or someone you know? This article will help you identify whether Shiatsu is a good option. You will also find out what happens during a treatment and what benefits you can expect after a series of sessions. 

Kindermassage Anleitung

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