Times of connection

Nurture yourself & your baby

Becoming a parent is a wonderful experience. Allow yourself time to connect with your body during pregnancy and postpartum time.

  • Experiencing all kinds of emotions from sadness to joy
  • Coping with worries about your family and/or work life
  • Feeling depressed or overwhelmed with the new situation
  • Experiencing pain around your shoulders, back or legs
  • Coping with insomnia or waking up frequently at night
What my clients observed after the treatment:  
  • Being able to relax without leaving your home
  • Supporting your individual recovery after giving birth 
  • Focusing on your needs, while still being available to others
  • Finding a new connection to your baby through touch
  • Feeling more confident in your new role of being a parent

Pregnancy and postpartum home visit in Berlin

Price: 1 session of 90 minutes – 90 Euro

For pregnancy and postpartum sessions please send me an email, indicating your address and availability. I offer home visits on Thursdays and Fridays. This service is available for clients located in Berlin Mitte, Wedding, Prenzlauer Berg and Friedrichshain.

We invited Aleksandra to come to our place.
Her sincere smiles and warm demeanor helped create an instant bond with my family, especially my young daughters (5 and 7) who received professional massage treatments for the first time.

Common questions about Shiatsu family sessions

1.) How is Shiatsu different from massage? 

Massage therapy works primarily on the physical body, with the focus to release tension in the muscles. Shiatsu looks at a person more holistically. The session is performed traditionally on the floor, with the client lying on a mat or futton. The client in fully clothed and no oils are used.

2.) Can babies receive Shiatsu too?

Yes, mindful touch is a wonderful way to support the early development of babies. During a postpartum home visit we will also try to include the baby and offer a treatment for both, mum and baby.

3.) How long is a treatment for babies and kids? 

This can vary from day to day, however treatment for babies and kids are shorter than for adults. For babies 5-10 minutes are enough, for kids under 10, the treatment can last 15-20 minutes.

4.) Do we need any special equipment? 

No, we will use what we have at home. Blankets, pillows and if needed I’ll also bring a special mat with me.

They talked about how they liked her warm and gentle touches
for a long time afterwards and started imitating her touches on each other
and on us the parents. It was both relaxing and revitalizing -Hattie-

Get in touch!

In order to book a home treatment, please get in touch by E-mail or phone, including your address.

I will respond to your E-mail within 24 hours. You can reach out to me in English, German or Polish.Get in touch, I’d love to hear from you. 

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