Shiatsu for loss & grief

Allow yourself to feel grief

How you may feel when coping with major life changes, separation or loss. Including loss of pregnancy:

  • Feeling lonely and overwhelmed
  • Facing all kinds of emotions like anger, sadness or frustration
  • Finding it difficult to accept or express these emotions
  • Feeling that you can no longer trust your body
  • Experiencing heaviness or pain in your chest

What my clients observed after the treatment:  

  • Appreciating a safe space where you can be completely yourself
  • Finding courage to look at the pain in your own pace
  • Feeling more centered and whole
  • Finding moments of peace and resilience within yourself
  • Honoring the old, while making space for the new
Shiatsu bei Verlust und Trauer

After having a miscarriage, I visited Aleksandra to let my tired
and traumatized body regain trust, safety, and balance through touch.
Shiatsu sessions with her supported me in processing grief
and helped me to come back to my body one more time.

Common questions about Shiatsu

1.) How is Shiatsu different from massage?

Massage therapy works primarily on the physical body, with the focus to release tension in the muscles. Shiatsu looks at a person more holistically. For me this always involves mental health too. The session is performed traditionally on the floor. You are fully clothed and no oils are used.

2.) Can I use Shiatsu for my specific condition?

Should you have any doubts if Shiatsu is good for you, feel free to get in touch with me. Please be aware that Shiatsu is not a replacement for medical treatment or psychotherapy. It is a wonderful addition to conventional medicine, that takes into consideration the overall wellbeing, including mental and emotional health.

3.) How many sessions are recommended?

This will depend on your individual needs. Based on the feedback from my clients and my own observation, I’m working in a series of 3 sessions, that take place every 2-4 weeks. There are great benefits in regular sessions, as your body will find it’s own balance and gradually relax deeper and deeper. 

4.) What should I wear during a Shiatsu session? 

It’s best to wear loose and comfortable clothes. Leggings or yoga pants are great, also a long sleeve-shirt and socks. You can bring your clothes with you and change when you arrive at the practice.

We all need this touch of love and Aleksandra
provides it with gentleness and compassion of a wise guide,
who can show us the way back home
- into the realms of our wonderful bodies -Joanna-

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If you have any questions, please send me an email. I usually reply within 24 hours.

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