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Aleksandra Hoffmann

I believe that we are here to shine

I support people who experience physical and emotional stress, so they can feel into their bodies. And find peace within themselves.

In my experience, touch connects us with what is essential and requires space in any given time of life. As a certified Shiatsu practitioner, I treat clients in Berlin Prenzlauer Berg. I also enjoy sharing my knowledge, teaching Shiatsu at the European Shiatsu Institute ESI and self-massage for migrant and refugee women in Berlin.


Why I combine grief with bodywork

Wozu brauchen wir Trauer

The more I work with Shiatsu, the clearer I see it.

With my offer, I have created something that I would have liked to have had as support myself when I was grieving.

My grief has always been emotional and physical at the same time. But it was never like that in the outside. It was like two different worlds. In the support group, my body was never mentioned. And during the massage, no one asked me how I really felt. Tension? Yes, everywhere!

In my Shiatsu work, the physical and the emotional flow together. I believe that grief is not something to be overcome. It is there to be experienced and acknowledged. To be felt. And so it can change and transform. Grief gives us clues about what really matters. It connects us to the deep love in our hearts.


How I nourish my body & soul

Verbindung zur Erde über die Füße

I’ve always been drawn to nature. As a 5-year old with long pig-tails I was spending hours in my grandmas garden. Most of the time I was sitting on trees. My favorite was the walnut. It had a wonderful stable trunk and flexible branches. I didn’t know it back then, but what I was practicing, was grounding. The walnut was not only my safe space, but my connection to Earth.

Today I still love climbing on trees. My heart is full of joy when I lean on them and close my eyes for a moment. I also enjoy sinking into the gras with my bare feet. In summer as in winter. Then I feel the Earth’s energy entering my body, bringing me calmness and nourishment. With every new breath I’m in deep contact with myself, the Earth and the whole universe.

A special source of strength for me is water. Here I draw vitality and courage. I love long walks on the beach, the sand under my feet, the sound of waves, the freedom of swimming in the deep sea. Then I feel space in me and around me and know I can trust in everything that’s coming.

Professional training and experience

  since 2022  Teaching assistant at the European Shiatsu Institute ESI, Berlin

2021 – 2023  Maternity and postpartum Shiatsu Training, Wellmother, Berlin

2015 – 2020  Shiatsu Diploma, European Shiatsu Institute ESI, Berlin 

2015 – 2016  Diploma in Spiritual Development Dr. Brenda Davies, International School of Healing and Development, London

2014 – 2019  End of life hospice companion (voluntary work), Unionhilfswerk, Berlin

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If you have any questions, please send me an email. I usually reply within 24 hours.

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