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7 tips how to connect to your summer energy

Summer has arrived! We can feel this in the warm air that touches our skin. The mornings are bright, as well as the evenings, encouraging us to stay awake and active. Summer is the time of growth, expansion, gatherings and connection. It is an invitation to enjoy life, spending time outside and focusing on activities that really excite us. While there is usually much more going on during summer, with a lot of meetings and social commitments, it’s good to be aware where we’re spending our energy and how we can consciously support it during summer.

1. The fire of the heart and small intestine 

In the tradition of TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) the summer is associated with the fire element, which divides into primary and secondary fire. The primary fire are represented by the organs of the heart and the small intestine. Everyone of us has an association with the heart. We usually think about relationships and love. However in TCM we find a strong connection to our mental and spiritual aspects, as the heart represents our inner intelligence and consciousness, inspiring us to connect to our intuition, ability to communicate though thoughts and emotions. At the same time, our heart guides us on our spiritual path.

The small intestine is closely related to the process of digestion. It breaks down proteins and fats, so that all the good stuff can be absorbed into the body. Unusable portions of foods pass from the small into the large intestine, to be eliminated. Therefore the small intestine is often called the „Separator of the Pure from the Inpure“.


This wonderful quality is not only vital on a physical-digestive level. It also filters what’s happening in our mind. In order to keep our fire energy, we need to be able to distinguish, what is nourishing us and leave the rest behind. 

In addition to that, there is also secondary fire, represented by the pericardium, so called „protector of the heart“ and the triple heater. The pericardium takes care of all aspects of human relationships, friendships, expression of our emotional life. The triple heater, as the name suggests, is responsible for heating and cooling our body. It acts as a protective shield, keeping our inner temperature constant, regardless of the summer heat outside.

2. Welcome summer energy!

How can we move more consciously through the summer? Here are my proven tips how to strengthen your energy from inside.

1.) Allow yourself more joy

As nature around us is blooming and showing it’s beauty, we’re invited to seek out joy. Joy that comes from simply being alive, from engaging in activities that bring us pleasure and fun. You can ask yourself – which activities nourish my enthusiasm for life? On the other hand it is a great time to rethink, how can we find more joy from within and create it ourselves, not being dependent on outside factors, like other people or events.

2.) Remove your shoes

If you’ve never tried walking barefoot before (I bet you did, when you were a kid!) summer is the perfect time to start. We can practice this almost everywhere, revitalizing our feet and the whole body while walking on sand, little stones, gras or soil. Feel into all those different surfaces and textures as you touch Mother Earth with your feet.

3.) Drink more water

Yes, I know! This one is obvious! But are you really drinking enough when it’s hot outside? I keep forgetting! Therefore I have to remind myself of that, rather than waiting for my body to tell me when its thirsty. During summer our bodies try to cool down through the natural process of sweating, which in turn can cause dehydration. This makes it essential for us to drink more water, so that our brain, our organs and our skin stays healthy. Put a reminder on your fridge or your phone, to keep your body and mind, balanced and fresh.

4.) Make space for your intuition

The time of the heart invites us to take a look inside. As much as we are outside and active in the summer, there is great benefit in tuning inside and integrating our thoughts, observations and experiences. Which practices allow you to enter inside and listen more closely to your inner voice?

5.) Communicate from the heart


Having found our inner voice is one thing. Sharing it with the rest of the world, is another. Communication is at the core of the fire element, reminding us to speak our truth. 


Are you able to express who you are, sharing your needs and desires with people close to you? Or is your body shaking and your voice trembling when you’re speaking about issues that come from your heart? Our next free workshop „Guided by our bodies“ on 21.06.21 (5:00 PM) is dedicated to our throats and we’ll be looking to explore this part of our body with self-massage and creative practices. You can watch the recording on Facebook.

6.) Use morning for a self-care routine

If there is one thing I really love about the summer, it’s the quiet and bright mornings when I wake up earlier than usual. I use this time for my own self-care, starting with stretching my body, doing my self-massage practice and connecting to my breath. Sometimes I go out for an early morning walk, just for 20 minutes. This makes my day so much better! It’s amazing! Look at what excites you: try out meditation, some movement, journaling or reading. Whatever it is, integrate it into your daily routine and see how much it changes your entire day.

7.) Be inspired by love 

Love is one of the big driving forces in life and has many facets. There is certainly the layer of intimacy and sexuality within a romantic relationship. But love is much more. First of all, the question is, how can we keep our heart open for ourselves? Seeing ourselves with self-compassion rather than judgement. How can we stay connected to the world, our planet, people around us? Love connects us also tho the spiritual side of life, to a force that is bigger than us. What does your heart tell you? Use this summer to listen to it more closely.



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Aleksandra Hoffmann

Aleksandra Hoffmann is a certified Shiatsu practitioner based in Berlin, Germany. She supports clients in times of physical and emotional stress, so they can feel into their bodies and inner needs and find peace within themselves.