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8 ways to boost your energy this autumn

After those long summer days filled with light and sunshine, we’re now transitioning into the next season. Autumn arrived in all its glory. Many people find it hard to enjoy this time and complain that their energy level is going down during autumn.


You may have already noticed the chilly weather during your evening walk. It’s definitely time to take out your autumn jacket! With this new period our life changes. As the plants and trees loose their leaves, we gradually move more indoors. I love this time. Probably because I was born in late September. What I particularly like is the opportunity to find a little more peace in everyday life, to read more in the evenings, to follow my little rituals, to listen to the silence in the forest.

1. The power of lungs and colon

In the tradition of the 5 elements, autumn is associated with metal. It stands for exchange, letting go as well as for clarity and essence. Two fascinating organs exemplify this philosophy to us every day. The lungs and the colon.

Every day, every hour, minute, even every second, through our breath we experience the principle of taking in and letting go. It happens so automatically that we don’t even question it. But imagine what if we were unable to exhale. That would mean, we would not be able to take a new breath.

The same goes for the colon. Every day it eliminates waste and toxins from our body. It’s a cycle followed by the recurring question – what do I have to get rid of in order to live well?


Autumn is the ideal time to practice letting go. Just as trees are now losing their leaves to reappear in full bloom in spring, we are invited to reflect on our beliefs and behaviors and let go of the things, that no longer nourish us. 

Our lives are quite busy, especially on the mental level. Only when we no longer remain rigidly attached to our ideas, can we experience more space. When we are able to free ourselves from old ways of thinking or rigid ideas, we open up to new experiences. Change requires mental space. That leads to more clarity and when the time comes, we intuitively know what the next step is.

2. Taking care of your energy in autumn

How can we prepare for the weeks ahead and make the best possible use of this time? I am happy to share with you some of my favorite tips that will increase your energy level this autumn. 

1.) Go for a walk in the forest

Walks are great in every season, but especially in autumn. A walk in the forest fills our lungs with fresh air and invigorates our senses. Our eyes can relax by looking at the soft colors. We open up to the lovely noises and smells and simply enjoy the moment. Best conditions for a good mood!

2.) Massage your feet

Feet are the basis of our body and how we stand in life. They give us support and stability. In summer we often run barefoot, but from autumn onwards our feet are mostly hidden in shoes. Self-massage is a beneficial practice that will make your feet feel warmer, wider and lighter! Join my free workshop (in German) during the Mental Health week in October and try it out. Your feet will love it.

3.) Go to sleep earlier

As soon as the evenings get darker, I tend to go to sleep earlier. I have been observing this development for a number of years now. Autumn helps me to be closer to my natural rhythm. How do I notice? Cause I wake up in the morning without an alarm clock. I also turn off all my screens 1-2 hours before bedtime. No insta in my bed! Restful sleep is my priority.

4.) Create rituals for more calmness 

There is so much peace and calmness in daily activities that we love. What do you enjoy in autumn? Have a think and create your own ritual around it. My autumn rituals often involve movement. I go for a daily walk (regardless of the weather) or find joy in stretching exercises that keep my body fit. Whatever makes you feel good – do it regularly this autumn!

5.) Get rid of unnecessary things

Hand on heart, who doesn’t have them? These objects that move from one drawer to the other, but actually have to go. Or clothes that no longer fit but are still at the bottom of the wardrobe? I do have them! I use the autumn to do my clean out (no, I don’t wait for spring!). Some things go straight to the trash, others I give away or donate. This brings a little bit more clarity into the apartment and into my head. And then I’m free to really enjoy spring and don’t bother with cleaning.

6.) Breathe out more consciously

As soon as you focus on your breathing, something changes. In stressful situations we tend to hold our breath. While inhalation activates and prepares us for action, it is exhalation that brings calm and relaxation to our energy system. I try practicing conscious breathing whenever stress arrives. Simply by lying on the couch or on the floor for 5 minutes. Nothing else.

With every new breath, I focus a bit more on the exhalation. It’s amazing how my body & mind regenerates by this simple act.

7.) Write a diary

It is advisable not only to get rid of unwanted things, but also of thoughts and feelings that no longer serve us. What is constantly on your mind? What do you think about before falling asleep? I don’t always know this from the top of my head but, but when I start writing freely, everything important comes to light. My hand guides me and suddenly I become clear. Autumn is a great time for good-byes. What is it that your no longer want in your life? If this topic relates to other people, you can write a letter to a particular person. Write everything that is important to you and do not send it off. A totally liberating practice.

8.) Be loving with yourself

The natural emotion of autumn is grief. We need times when sadness can have its place. During this time we think back to people, things or projects that are no longer in our lives. They all taught us something. And when we allow ourselves to feel what is there, we make space for everything that is still ahead of us. We can mourn and we can come back to life and enjoy it. Be here. Be now. Loving and accepting ourselves just as we are.

Wishing you a lovely autumn!


Aleksandra Hoffmann Shiatsu Berlin

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Aleksandra Hoffmann

Aleksandra Hoffmann is a certified Shiatsu practitioner based in Berlin, Germany. She supports clients in times of physical and emotional stress, so they can feel into their bodies and inner needs and find peace within themselves.