Buddha Figur im Raum des Europäischen Shiatsu Instituts Berlin

study shiatsu at the European shiatsu institute Berlin

Practice Evening for Shiatsu students 6.12.2022

This evening we will be deepening the content of the levels 1-3. 

The workshop takes places on Tuesday, 6.12.2022 from 7:00 – 9:00 PM in the beautiful rooms of the European Shiatsu Institute, Bizetstr. 41, 13088 Berlin.

For more information and bookings reach out to the European Shiatsu Institute by using this link.

Selbstmassage Frauen in Berlin


Self-Massage Workshop For Migrant And Refugee Women - 17.12.2022

I love when women come together. And I love it even more when they come to relax and cherish their bodies.

The self-massage workshop series is dedicated for migrant and refugee women (in cooperation with THF welcome). We do gentle stretches and soft movements, so you can feel lighter and more joyful. Join us in Tempelhof on 17th December. This offer is for free.

You can register by contacting Mareena from THF welcome at 0176-41947542.

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